OPASCOR values its customers as much as we value our business.  In order to keep up with the growing demands, requests, and meet customer expectations consistent with OPASCOR’s commitment to provide “optimum quality in port services, always”, the Legal and Corporate Development Department-Customer Care and Monitoring Office, has established has established processes and procedures to cater and satisfy the needs of our customers.


A. Customer Claims

Documentation and Processing of Claims in cases of Property Damage, Loss or Shortage

A. Cargo Damage Prior to Discharging Operations
  1. Cargoes are inspected by the company’s checkers prior to discharging operations.
  2. An Equipment Interchange Report (EIR) shall be secured by the company’s personnel from the vessel operators when cargoes are found to have sustained damage prior to discharging.
  3. A Container Inspection Report (CIR) shall likewise be prepared by the company through its Operations personnel.
  4. Both EIR and CIR shall then be forwarded to the Customer Care & Monitoring Office   (CCMO) by Operations.
  5. Our CCMO personnel shall then inform the concerned customer on the status of his/her/its cargo.

 B. Cargo Damage during Handling Operations
  1. When damage is caused to a cargo during handling operations, the Vessel Operations Supervisor on duty shall ensure the preparation of an Incident Report as well as the appropriate Damage Report (Container Inspection Report [CIR] or Bad Order Cargoes Report [BOCR]).
  2. Both reports shall then be forwarded to the Customer Care & Monitoring Office (CCMO).
  3. Our CCMO personnel shall then inform the concerned customer on the status of his/her/its cargo.
C. Withdrawal of Cargoes and Certificate of Shortage, Damage or Loss
  1. Authorized cargo representative/consignee is obliged to check or inspect cargo/es properly during withdrawal of cargoes.
  2. In case of cargo shortage, damage or loss, the authorized cargo representative/consignee is obliged to immediately inform the Supervisor or Delivery Checker on duty and request for the issuance of a Certificate of Non-Delivery or Loss or for a Damage Report (e.g. Bad Order Cargo report [BOCR] for General Cargoes and Container Inspection Report [CIR] or Equipment Interchange Report [EIR] for Containerized Cargoes) before leaving.
  3. Further, the authorized cargo representative/consignee shall indicate said claimed shortage, damage or loss in the Withdrawal Receipt covering their cargoes.
  4. Should the authorized representative or consignee is unable to procure the Certification/Damage Report during withdrawal, he/she can still ask for the foregoing in writing within thirty (30) days from the delivery of your last package from the company’s Customer Care & Monitoring Office (CCMO).
  5. Should the authorized representative or consign want to file a formal claim to OPASCOR for said damage or loss, a formal claim should be filed with the same within fifteen (15) days from the date of issuance of said Certificate of non-delivery, damage and/or loss of cargoes.
  6. Should OPASCOR fail to issue the requested Certification within fifteen (15) days from receipt of your written request, said Certification shall be deemed to have been issued, and thereafter, the fifteen (15) day period within which to file the claim commences.
  7. Per CPA Administrative Order No. 02-2006, failure on your part to comply with the above conditions precedent shall bar any action for the recovery of loss or damage against OPASCOR.


B. Customer Complaints

      Customer Care and Monitoring Office is an avenue in dealing with customer complaints.    
       So, to ensure prompt action of customer concerns, the following procedures are set:

  1.  Any customer complaints may be route to the Customer Care and Monitoring Office (CCMO) through e-mail at customercare@opascor.com or telephone at (032) 2329479.
  2. The CCMO personnel then evaluates the complaint of the customer.
  3. The CCMO personnel gives feedback to the customer.
  4. CCMO will coordinate with the concerned department on the customers concern after which, the CCMO personnel will inform the customer of the final action undertaken by the concerned department.


C. Customer Requests for Incident or Damage Reports

  1. Requests for a copy of an Incident or Damage Report (CIR, EIR or BOCR) shall be communicated to OPASCOR’s Customer Care & Monitoring Office.
  2. Your request will be initially responded to within two (2) workings days by our Customer Care personnel.
  3. Our Customer Care office shall also attend to your request and dispose the same within six (6) days from receipt thereof.


D. Customer Dialogues and Customer Visits

     OPASCOR believes that communication is the key to better understand the needs of our customers.   We never take our customers for granted and as much as possible we don’t wait for our customers to complain.  In doing so, we manage customer relations with our customers by conducting Customer Dialogues as well as Customer Visits.    For 2018, we had either organized or attended at least Eight (8) Customer Dialogues with the Brokers, Truckers, Shippers, Shipping Lines.  We also conducted fourteen (14) Customer Visits to Shipping Lines.


E. Customer Survey

     We consider customer feedbacks as a way of continuous improvement of our services, equipment and workforce.  That is why our Customer Care and Monitoring Office  conducts survey once a year to its three major departments, namely:  Operations Department, Finance Department and the Management Information System.  Areas of improvement are identified and concerns are addressed to give our customers efficient and effective services to secure their loyalty with OPASCOR.


Optimum Quality in Port Service, ALWAYS!



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