Truck Scale and Fumigation Services

OPASCOR also offers Truck scale and Fumigation Services through its subsidiary, Diadem Terminal and Maritime Services & Realty, Inc.

     The Truck scale or Weighbridge weighs all outbound loaded container vans for both foreign and domestic.  This is to comply with CPA directive for the mandatory weighing of cargoes to conform with allowable container weight and prescribed gross vehicle weight, before they can be loaded to vessels at the CIP and Cebu Baseport.  There are two Truckscale Facilities.  One is located inside the CIP and the other is located near the CIP Gates. Both are CPA accredited and DOST calibrated semi-annually. The Truckscale is vital in ensuring the safety and in the handling of outbound containers and in mitigating risks to port facilities, cargo handling equipment and carrying vessels. OPASCOR is the first port operator in the Philippines to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) amendment on the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS), requiring as a condition for loading packed container onto a ship for export, its verified gross weight (VGM) which took effect last July 1, 2016.

      On the other hand, the Fumigation Services caters primarily to the needs of exporters and importers for the fumigation of their products, whether food and non-food items, including packed materials like pallets, crates and cartons.  It is well-equipped and has well-trained personnel to provide the best service to its clients.


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